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The Way To Get The Public Travelling Has To Be Simple

World traveller and journalist, Geoff Moore

These one-off packs contain all the items you require to make an extended journey using public transport. Such as on, coaches, mini-buses or for confined public areas such as waiting rooms or even car showrooms and dentists.
Combining a number of useful one-off items, all in one pack does seem to be a sensible idea. These kits are designed to be used once but cover most of the risks that a person may encounter on a typical extended journey.

It was quickly recognised, that to entice customers back onto minibuses and coaches there would need to be reassurance that every possible health & safety precaution was being taken. Many such companies felt that this was a simple and practical solution.

The report without a solution

By the astute Dr. Richard Villier

Not everyone is behaving like an ostrich. I did come across a brilliant idea today, which is designed to help the safe traveller. An outfit called TravSafe sent me its “Single Use Personal Protection Travel Pack”. This is a collection of protective items that a voyager can use in a taxi, minibus, coach, airplane, cruise, train, or anywhere else for that matter. TravSafe has worked out that Covid-19 will be with us for a fair while. ...somehow TravSafe has solved it. What more does a modern-day traveller need?

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theBusinessDesk - News

Coronavirus business update: Latest news across the North West

Neil Hodgson Business Reporter

It has spent the past weeks developing what it hopes will become an integral part of getting footfall back onto its tour vehicles.
It says the two-metre social distancing rule would take a 49-seater coach down to a capacity of around 20 and require a sophisticated and disciplined boarding procedure relying on everyone’s participation,...which, the firm says, is economically unsustainable.

We want to find an affordable solution and support our friends, colleagues, and peers in the industry. We think we have achieved this.”

Coronavirus business update: Latest news across the North West

Route One Team

"practical, sustainable and commercially viable for high-usage coach and transport operators"

“an unwanted £5 ‘tax’ per passenger, but it is no different to a commission paid to a reseller for delivering clients. It is also the difference between a passenger selecting an operator over a competitor when they feel thought about, safe and secure.”

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coach buyer review

BusyBus develops social distancing solution

Clive Moreno - Bus & Coach Buyer

"believes it has a solution to make coach tourism viable in a world of social distancing." "In response to this quandary, the company has developed TravSafe, a heat-sealed pack designed to contain everything needed by each passenger to maximise their protection against airborne and surface-festering infection where social distancing is impractical or impossible. The pack is designed for single-use (over a journey or perhaps a day) and contains hand wipes, gloves, face mask, face shield, tissues, COVID-Aware statement and full instructions. "