Cost effective
PPE Travel Packs

man putiing on mask with gloves

Quality materials at the right price

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests any covering, including a bandana, is better than none. However surgical grade masks are the best. Surgical grade N95 respirators offer the highest level of protection, preventing the user from becoming infected though air.

Small gatherings PPE packs

If your inviting guests, or require a gathering of people we can help ensure everyone is safe and has the minimum standard of protection. We have a uniquely prices packs from 5 upto 100. Any greater then talk to us about of commercial quanitites.



Commercial supply of PPE Travel protection

If you operate commercially with groups of people we can supply regularly cost effecient pack to gice to your customer. Instilling a level of safty to your group with a unilateral level of protection/

If you transport people
or travel in groups
We can help

PREPARATION - Sterile wipes and hand sanitiser

UNDERTAKING - Vinyl gloves to handle products

PROTECTION - Nose and mouth mask protection and shielded with a full face protector