Disposable, Single-Use Protection

What's in your TravSafe pack?

Full-Face Shield

Nose & Mouth Mask

Vinyl or neoprene Gloves

Sterile Wipes


Waste Bag

Infection Avoidance Guidance

Instructions, CE and content declaration


TravSafe PPE Travel Protection Packs

TravSafe was born of the travel industry where the restrictions of social distancing is simply impossible to enforce or regulate.

It was quickly recognised that to entice customers back onto minibuses and coaches there would need to be reassurance that every possible health & safety precaution was being taken.

This needed to be done in an affordable way so as not to make the cost of travel prohibitive. WELCOME THE SOLUTION: TravSafe.

News Release
This neat, simple heat-sealed pack contains everything needed by each passenger to maximise their protection against airborne and surface-festering infection where social distancing is impractical or impossible. The pack is designed for single-use (over a journey or perhaps a day) and contains hand wipes, gloves, face mask, face shield, tissues, Covid-Aware statement, and full instructions. The pack itself acts as a safe disposal “bin” and the entire package is made from recyclable materials. See full article at Marketing Cheshire


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Unrepresented times from Coronavirus

The world has entered a distinctive phase where life has to be a compromise. Things will get back to normal, history has shown this
2003 - SARS Outbreak
1980 - HIV/Aids
1968 - Flu Pandemic
1910 - 6th Cholera Pandemic
1860 - 3rd Cholera Pandemic
1353 - the Black Death

We need to use PPE

PPE will become a simple process, like buying laces for your shoes. Disposable to be used for specific use. We dont need to wear shoes all the time but if we want to travel they make life easier !

Travel Pack Information

Hand out information details of the Travel Packs you are providing to your customers

  • Provide clear instruction on how to properly use the PPE
  • Ensure your customers are aware of the Terms & Conditions of use and material disclaimer